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Halloweengirlforever is a Psychic Medium by the name Mariah. She is a small business owner. She shares your true ghost and haunted doll stories on her website. The ultimate dream is to bring you creepy content all year long. She shares her horror ASMR videos and podcast along with her spooky collection of dolls and dollhouses she makes. If you'd like to check out Halloweengirlforever Shop to schedule a Psychic Medium Reading or purchase a digital horror item of hers please visit: Halloweengirlforever Shop 
Halloweengirlforever loves roaming through cemeteries. Has a passion for ghost adventuring. She loves drinking pumpkin spice coffees too! 
Halloweengirlforever True Ghost Stories & Haunted Doll Stories submitted are for entertainment purposes only and to help the writer and other spooky small businesses. No money is made by these stories submitted by others. If you have a story you'd like to submit please send them to halloweengirlforever13@yahoo.com for a chance to be featured along with your name or if you'd like to be anonymous, or if you're a business be sure to include your link for name credit. Halloweengirlforever will always credit the writer's name and or business.

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