My ghost friend Edie

So when I said ghosts like to live with me, it’s not exaggerating, but I’ve recently moved house and so far I’m free..... I’ve lived in 5/6 houses that have had some kind of activity, and I’m not haunted, I’m never hurt & I don’t know why I have a connection, I kid you not sometimes ghosts just do little things to say hey I’m here.
Okay, the first-ever mum tells me more than I remember. I’m around 5 years old (this is a long time ago since now I’m 31)
I wake up and tell my mum there was a lady sat on the end of my bed during the night, I’m sure being 5 she either entertained it or dismissed it and probably thought whatever🤷‍♀️ a few nights later I tell my mum again there was a lady on my bed and she was called Edie, and she had a little cat. Pretty sure my mum was probably getting concerned at this point but also thought whatever. Months passed and sometimes I’d say there was a lady other times nothing. This is the best bit.....One morning I wake up and tell my mum Edie was back again and that she was talking to me, telling me who lived in the house before me and some historical facts about the people going into detail as I relayed all the info which I thought was totally normal. My mum probably thinking what talking to a lady who worked at the bank and lived along our road and she told her what Id been saying the past few months.....The bank lady CONFIRMED everything I’d said was in fact TRUE the family I talked about did live in our house before us and a lady called Edie had lived there too, but she obviously passed away, I dunno if in that house or not but she definitely loved her house enough to stay.
It wasn’t a scary experience, I don’t remember any fear I really have the knowledge from my mum, and she’s never said I was scared or cried or anything, almost like if befriended Edie. As I got older Edie stopped visiting me, and we moved away to another house......and yup I have a story there too, it isn’t as in-depth as this one there’s no communication, just a shadow in the hallway or walking down the stairs and a very strong smell of roses whenever the shadow would appear, my mum believed that was her dad, she says he loved roses.