A Military Father's Visit

This is something that happened to my mother. She passed on January 3, 2020, so I’m going to share her story.
Mom worked at the local children’s hospital. She worked the night shift and everyone who worked nights knew eerie things happen around 3 am. Footsteps in empty hallways. Someone who particularly liked the opening and closing the fridge. Things like that.
One night mom was charting and heard one of her babies crying. She was closing out her login to go check when she looked up and saw a man in military uniform go in and the crying stopped. It wasn’t unusual for parents to come and go at all hours (before covid). She finished her chart and went to see if the baby or father needed anything, but nobody was in the room and the little girl was sound asleep.
About 7 am just before shift change the baby’s mother came in. Mom went to say hi and fill her in on how the night went. And she asked if the baby’s father had visited and she was sorry she didn’t get a chance to meet him before he left.
The woman started crying and said the father was killed in action 3 months before their daughter was born.
Denise (Mother who experienced this story)