Three Women Dressed In Black

Sometimes on the weekends, my friends & I grab a couple of drinks and start sharing paranormal events that happened to us or that we heard happened to someone we know.
This is a story that my wife shared on one of those events:
“When I was about 20 years old before I met my husband, my older brothers were out the house, married with kids and my dad had passed to a better life a merely year back.
One night I woke up in the middle of the night after a horrible dream.
To explain the dream a little better, I need to share how the room is set up. It’s a big room with one window heading to the street but it’s mirror-tinted, so no one can see on the inside but we can definitely see outside. It’s a big bed in the middle with old-main-bedroom-furniture. I always sleep facing the window and in my dream, I saw 3 different women dressed in black, I could see their faces in my dream, horrible looking, grabbing a rosary in their hands as if they were praying, and THEY were facing me from outside the window, almost if the mirror wasn’t there at all.
I woke up really scared and the room was black, pitch black. I’m talking about the kind of black that we see outside after a cloud covers the moonlight kind of black, I was unable to see my hand 10 inches from my face.
I don’t know if it was part of the dream but I woke up and the sun was up, it was all a dream I feared.
I headed to school that day and when I came back in the afternoon, my mother was outside, hanging crosses and rosaries on every corner of every window.
I asked my mom what happened since she is very religious but not a fanatic like she was acting at that moment.
Turns out, that our neighbor was working at a sweatshop and was arriving at home in the middle of the night. And he saw 3 women standing in my window and he thought it was me, my mom, and my sister who were praying so he didn’t bother saying hello and went straight home. Yet, he felt an eerie sensation when he witnessed that and went straight to my mom after I had left for school, to tell her what he saw during the night.
Turns out, my dream was not really a dream at all.
I’m in Mexico, we listen to old-school traditions and stories, and when something like that happens we listen to old people in our town.
One old lady, way older than my mom, and a close friend of the family, mentioned that it’s witches who are trying to do something but were unable to finish it. So, in order to distract them, throw black pepper seeds on the outside of your home, but make sure they are scattered correctly throughout your property.
They can’t do anything to you unless they pick up the seeds first.
Until this day, and I’m almost 30 years old, married, and at a different address.
Sometimes my husband and I find little piles of black pepper seeds throughout our property.”
My wife mentioned that her mom threw black pepper seeds outside her property every day until the day she died.
She died 5 months ago.
So now my wife started throwing black pepper seeds on our property also.
And yes, we can sometimes find piles of black pepper seeds at the front of our door. Especially on Sundays for an odd reason.
Thanks for reading guys.
I hope it was a great story.