My Real Haunted Doll: Alexandria
I will be sharing all my experiences with my Real Haunted Doll. My father gifted me with this doll a few years back from a second-hand store. I always felt a bit off about her and didn’t much pay too much attention to her. I’ve always heard things when I was around her. The activity didn’t really expand until I started displaying her on my guest bed. I always see her hat move. I always place it on top of her head, then the next day her hat will be completely off, and it’ll be on her dress. I also have two other dolls displayed next to her and their clothes always looked untouched. I always have a key to this room so there is no way nobody could’ve messed with her. I work sometimes beside this bed and I heard this little girl laugh and she started calling me “Mama”, yes it was spooky! I looked outside the windows and checked if it was anyone outside and no one was near in sight. I have noticed she also sings from time to time. She loves giggling and moving her hat. I am a medium and decided to connect with this doll because I had a nightmare of a spirit playing with the doll and felt there was something wrong and I have seen some ghosts near that room in person and other people who are not believers in ghosts have seen spirits lingering near the doll and mirror. I did a medium session with the haunted doll and recorded the video. I asked during the medium session if she would like to make herself known, and also, I can tell if this was an evil entity or at least see something during the session, so it was very important to me to get to the bottom of this. I saw a little sassy girl she told me her name was Alexandria and how her father raised her. In the video, you can hear a little girl whisper saying “no” right after I asked if she’d like to share anything else. As the session was ending, I of course took precaution with anything haunted related. I didn’t feel anything evil with the doll. Though I am very aware of the movie Annabelle. The best thing to do with anything haunted related is don’t ever let your guard down or be vulnerable. Don’t ever welcome or offer anything to any haunted object because you never know what could happen. I have kept this doll and I’m always careful with her. As always do research first before buying anything haunted and beware of the possibilities.