The Ghost Of Theresa
So... My mom and my youngest Aunt have always 'seen" things. This was at my MawMaw's house in south Louisiana: MawMaw was in her 90's and had been getting "visitors". On this particular day, mom and Auntie were sitting on the couch which faced the door to the kitchen and hallway to the bedrooms. MawMaw was napping while mom and Auntie visiting. They heard MawMaw talking! They sneak down the hallway and listen, she's having a conversation in french. They open the door and MawMaw is sitting up in bed. Mom asked, "Who are you talking to mama"? MawMaw told them she was talking to Paul (my grandpa died in '65). She said that Paul told her he would be coming to get her soon, but she told him she wasn't ready yet. Mom and Auntie go back to the living room and MawMaw goes back to sleep. About 30 minutes later mom and Auntie see a girl about 8 dressed in a white gown with long black curly hair floating past the doorway down the hall! They both jumped!, and at the same time asked each other, "Did you see that?!", YES! Next, they hear MawMaw talking in french again! They both get up and go to MawMaw's room. Again they asked who she was talking to. She told them, "Theresa! She said she told the girl that she couldn't be Theresa because Theresa died as a newborn! The girl told her yes she was her daughter and she chose to appear to her as an 8yr old child, also, she loved her and that she would be waiting for her when she was ready to go! MawMaw had 13 children all lived except Theresa. Theresa was born with thick black curly hair. She fit in a shoebox and only lived 2 days.
MawMaw passed away at 93. I held her hand as she was dying (coma) and I whispered to her, "MawMaw, it's me Tammy, your favorite granddaughter!" she smiled and squeezed my hand.