Paul The Motorcycle Ghost

The first time l saw a ghost l was about 14 and l knew who it was. Paul was killed in a motorbike accident along with his friend. About two weeks after his passing, there was a group of us hanging out near the fair that was in town and a guy came over and said he had just seen Paul but even though he said hello, Paul had completely blanked him not even looking at him, we asked him if he was sure, he was adamant it was him so shocked as we were we then had to break the news to him that it couldn’t have been him as he had been killed recently, his face went deathly white as he spluttered it was definitely Paul he had just seen moments before. He wasn’t the only one to have seen him either someone else saw him walking along the street heading towards his home. That night l was startled wide awake and sitting bolt upright in bed and looking straight across the room to where he was, his head slightly tilted and smiling mischievously across at me, l can only best describe him as looking like a negative from an old picture except he was glowing, every outline of his face and crease of his clothes were glowing a silvery kind of color the rest was just shadow, l was scared but knew who he was and l reckoned he just wanted to give me a fright as he was a bit of a lad in his time l dived under the covers and shouted at him to go away when l eventually dared to look out from under the covers he was no longer there. That was my first encounter but l have had many more experiences of the supernatural over the years, some strange, some very personal and quite moving, some downright scary but I’m sensitive so it is something l have gotten used to although it can still make me feel uneasy at times anyway l hope you will enjoy reading about my true experiences as l would love to share them with you all and more.
-Liz Hukins