Erica's Warning
When we lived with my mum and dad I was only a child I'd say around six or seven I was only in year one in primary school. My dad was working away and my mum was downstairs with her best friend just chatting having adult time we were in bed, we had school the next day. My mum heard banging and she came up to check on us four children and she saw nothing. So she went back downstairs chatting away, she heard the banging again, listened to next door to see if it was them trying to get help, nothing again. So she started chatting she heard the banging a third time, she comes back upstairs and puts all the lights on to try and trick us, first she checked on me and I was asleep then went into the boy's room where my three brothers slept and my youngest brother had gone under his quilt and was suffocating. A lady named Erica had lived there, she sadly passed there but she was banging to my mum to tell her my brother was suffocating....

I'll never forget that story