My readings are always meant for the person. Some of your questions may not make sense right now or may seem confusing however they are always validated after the session. I receive messages at times that are meant for the future even if I ask about something from the past. A name may pop up, conversations, images, video clips or color, or really much anything I always tell everyone if these messages don't make any sense right now to always write down anything I get to cross-reference in the future. My past clients have made connections with what I get after the session and messaged me how some name or item came true or how something was meant for someone very close to them. I do see the living and those who passed during a session. I send a picture afterward of everything I received during the session * I do not use any tarot cards, ouija boards, or anything else.

How the medium sessions go: My sessions always go like this, I usually get the person's name I'm doing the reading for and question first before I start. Then I say a quick prayer in my head, then I say the person's name and say 'they would like to know" say their questions, and if there's anything else they need to have delivered to them. Then it gets silent as I am focusing and have my eyes closed and I start to see clips, images, color, people, I hear names and smell. As I start getting these I start saying them so I write them down as I'm saying it and even sketch if I see anything as I'm saying it as I have my eyes closed and in a zone.