The Ghost Family Seen During Christmas Time
We moved into this regular ranch style house in August of 2001. It's nothing fancy, all the houses in the neighborhood are the same, they're all ranch style houses. We were here about two years, it was Christmas Eve, I asked my 8-year-old son if he would like to go down into the basement, which is finished, and get the Christmas gifts to put around the tree. He no longer believed in Santa Claus unfortunately, but his younger sister did. He wasn't down there any more than two minutes when I hear this loud scream. I went flying down the stairs to find him with his back up against the wall crying hysterically and trembling. When I could finally make sense of what he was saying, after I calmed him down, he said there was a little girl in a dress, standing next to the table where the presents were on, playing with one of the tags that was hanging by a string.
On a separate occasion, my children and I were in the basement this time, my husband was upstairs in the kitchen when I heard him call my name, loudly. I went upstairs, and he said that a middle-aged woman wearing a button up sweater, open at the top and tan dress pants walked by him in the kitchen and out through the wall.
Through the years different people come in and out of your home for different reasons. I've had people say out of the blue, the hairs on my arms standing up or I feel like somebody's watching me. I myself have never seen or heard anything.