Butcher's Apprentice

When I was 15 I lived in an old Victorian house. My mum and dad were out for a few hours. I slept at night with my dog Max at the bottom of the bed. One night I woke with Max barking and growling. Outside we had a sensor light that was on so I was peeping out of the window as my bed was next to it. I couldn’t see anything so I turned back around and was sent into shock, a young boy was standing in my room in a white coat with his head bent staring at me. I couldn’t speak I was hot but had goosebumps I tried to say go away but I was in so much shock I was just mumbling. Max was still growling. I went under my covers and when I came back out he had gone. I instantly turned my tv on and light and tried my best to stay awake. When I finally woke up it was morning and my tv and light were on so I knew it wasn’t a dream. I told my mum about what happened and she herself had felt something tap her on the back previously. She decided to research our home. It had once been a supermarket-type place where they had a greengrocer and butchers. They hung the meat in the attic. A young boy a butcher's apprentice had been found hanging there. It freaked me out but at the same time, he didn’t do any harm. Honestly, after that day believed In Ghosts. I didn’t ever see him again. I had a walk-in wardrobe that was once the stairs to the attic and when entering it was always freezing I always felt I was being watched. I couldn’t wait to move out and left at 18
-Samantha Dobbin