The Beautiful Lady Who Visited My Nanny 

Hi, I hope all is well a lot of people when I tell my story say I’m mad and sometimes laugh I was only six years old a long time ago. I’m now 36 but my Auntie never lets me forget what happened that day. So here it goes when I was six years old my Nanny became very ill. She had cancer of the throat and I always remember she kept a bucket by her side with being sick a lot. She suffered so much but this day I went to visit her with my Mum, Auntie Lilly, and my grandad was in the kitchen making a brew and I always loved to go in my Nanny’s bedroom because she had the most amazing things that I loved to look at. So, I was sitting at her dressing table and as I turned around, I saw the most beautiful lady in the world and she was mumbling and trying to talk to me. But I did hear a little what she said and as I stood up to her and walked closer, she vanished. I went into the living room and said nanny I have just seen a lady in your room, she was beautiful and I placed her hands together and said the lady said to pray for peas. My mum looked at me and said Maria, behave your nanny is not well and my nanny said no, no be quiet. "Maria what happened?" so I told her again and joined her hands together. My nanny and Auntie Lilly were shocked and they said Maria did she say pray for peace? I said yes that was it & everyone just looked at me in shock. Two days later my Auntie Lilly took me to the church to light a candle for my nanny because she was in so much pain and I screamed as I entered the church. I said Auntie Lilly, Auntie Lilly! That’s the lady I saw, there she is! My Auntie Lilly froze and got me out of the church quickly as the priest went to approach us. My Auntie sat me down and said maria are you saying you have seen our lady? What was she wearing? I told her she lit up very bright and wore blue and had beads in her hands. When we got back my mum was at my nan's and said tell nanny your story about what just happened and your mum. I shouted no, no they'll think I’m mad and I’m lying and ran off into the other room. My Auntie Lilly came into my bedroom to get me & said "Maria, please nobody thinks your mad sweetheart". So I told them my nan was astatic she sat me on her knee and whispered. ( Maria your very special and don’t let anyone take that away from you) I will never forget their words even to this day now. A couple of weeks had passed and my nanny died. I was so upset I have never seen the lady again but I have seen quite a few ghosts still but nothing like I had seen that day. Thank you for reading my story means a lot, I know people on here are not a believer in Christ or of our lady and everyone has their own opinion and their own beliefs. I respect everyone and their beliefs. What I saw was true and that I have seen our lady for myself. Thank you again for reading!