Overlooking The Graveyard
I'm in the UK and live in a house that was only built in 2005, however, I have had many creepy occasions. This old church and cemetery are what I look out at.
When I was pregnant with my son, I walked upstairs one morning and looked towards the window which looked over at the church. There was a mist on it. I had cats at the time and thought maybe they had breathed on the glass, so I walked over to check. However, as I rubbed my finger I realized it was on the outside. I stood and watched it get smaller and disappear...
On another occasion when my son was five he had been unwell and was in my bed. We have a third-floor loft bedroom, but we were on the second floor. Suddenly I heard music. A bit like a music box. I know the tune but not what it is called. I ran into the landing and my son followed me. There are three other rooms on this floor and I put my head through each door, but it wasn't coming from either of them. It wasn't coming from downstairs either. I stood at the bottom of the stairs that go to the upstairs bedroom. It was coming from there. As I turned the light switch on, it stopped, but my son and I went up to check. I could not find where the sound had come from, and to this day I still do not know. Never heard it again...do you think maybe we have visitors from time to time? The church is really old and the first rector I can see recorded was 1305 so I presume it must be this kind of age.