The Ghost Child Who Stole My Balloon 

One day while I was still in high school I was getting ready for a night out. My older sister had recently moved back in which meant we had to share a bathroom. Like usual we were arguing about, well everything. While bickering we both happened to notice a balloon floating right past us, down the hall from my room to hers. I had gotten the balloon from a baby shower a few days before and had it in my room. No windows were open, no AC was on and it was just us two in the house. We immediately went silent and still in a state of fear and disbelief. This balloon wasn’t just floating it literally was being pulled forward by the freaking string. The balloon bobbed its way into her room as we just watch. Not a muscle was moved, not a breath was taken. We both finally were able to figure out what we just witnessed and embraced in a frantic hug scream sandwich. Needless to say, she slept in the room for about a week after that.