The Spooky Hello

When I was growing best friend Becky's family were all deaf except her. Her sister was only a year older than her. She was deaf as well. I was very close to all of them growing up to the point where I learned sign language. I ended up moving away and graduated school and we went separate ways. When her sister was 24, she ended up dying from taking the wrong pills together. I went to her funeral and also visited her house where they all still lived after all these years. One afternoon I was leaving my friend's house and we were standing at the bottom of the steps to go upstairs...all of a sudden I felt something like someone blowing in my ear. I didn't say anything right away because my friend's house was haunted growing up and she would tell me to ignore it and she would herself. There were some nights I wouldn't even stay over because the vibe was so scary...anyways I got on the front porch and I told her what happened. She told me that was how her sister would say hi to everyone before she passed away!!
-Amber Rachelle Dees