Medium Reviews
Mariah gave me my very first psychic reading yesterday. I have to say I have been very hesitant about going to anyone for a reading, as I have never felt confident that someone would truly be able to read me.
Wow!! I was very impressed with her abilities!!
She knew things about myself I don't publicly talk about very often if at all. Things that only myself would have known!! 
If you are hesitant like I was about having a complete stranger give you a reading..don't wait!! Don't put it off.. because she definitely has a message that you need to hear.. I promise you won't be disappointed.
Kira Coffin
I can not recommend Mariah enough! She is so kind-hearted and has such a warmth about her that immediately I felt at ease talking with her. She helped me so much! I have had sensitivity capabilities since I could remember. I never knew how to answer questions about my capabilities and about dreams and spirits. Mariah guided me through the process, help me communicate, and answered any questions I had. Not only did she guide me but she also befriended me throughout the whole process. I immediately felt at ease asking questions, and telling her what I was experiencing. She is the best, truly. She takes her gift seriously and is one of the most gentle-hearted, kind person I have met. Again, I highly highly recommend her. She will guide you to open your heart and communicate and understand if there are loved ones or other entities hanging behind. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. Mariah is the real deal. Mariah will guide through whatever experience you want. Whether it’s like mine. Which is focused on understanding my sensitive capabilities or connecting with a spirit or entity. Mariah is simply the best 🖤
I was very skeptical about any readings but was curious. I wanted to connect with my grandma and grandpa who passed away who also raised me. During our session, she was very accurate and mentioned she saw a red sweater, this sweater is what my grandmother was buried in. She gave me answers I needed to get closure on and warned me about a message from my grandparents to get out of a relationship I was in. I never told her I had an abusive relationship. I can’t thank her enough and her guiding me out of my last relationship. She helped more than I can imagine. You won’t be disappointed. 
Miss Mariah helped me in so many ways, I had lost my twin babies who died early on and I didn’t even mention anything about them and she gave me a message from them and she described them as twins a boy and a girl and I knew right away she was accurate and on point. Thanks to Mariah, I was able to take a massive step and be able to move forward. I’m able to figure out my next steps in my life now as I know I can do it. Thanks to her and her guides. Means the uttermost to me and my children.
I had a medium session with Mariah a few days ago, and it was a really unique experience! I got to say that it was so emotionally intense that I felt physically tired after the fact. Her messages were clear and really resonated with me. I would recommend that if you ever want to try it out, go for it. She's very respectful and makes you feel comfortable as she's going through the process. I'm really happy with how it turned out.
Chuy V.
I felt my reading was really spot on and she actually cares about her clients which I think is so important when you’re trusting someone with information that can sometimes be sensitive about your life. She’s simply a kind and sweet human being. I’d definitely say to get a reading with her. Her rates are very reasonable and I’ll be getting a follow up in a few months. I can’t wait to see what she said about the future come to pass.
If you are looking for a great, accurate reading, look no further.  Mariah is amazing! 
I have had several readings done by her and will have more in the future.  She is always spot on and knows things that will happen before I even know them.  She also knows things she would have no way of possibly knowing. Very affordable, sweet and honest. 
-Dana Serna
Mariah gave me the most amazing first ever reading. I was very hesitant of the process after going through a loss. Mariah was able to connect me to things that only I know of. Memories and special words came through that truly blew my mind! If you are thinking about booking a session, I promise you it is so worth it. In fact, I’m already booking my second session with Mariah so I can connect deeper to the spiritual world. She was really able to open my eyes, she is so patient and explains everything so well.