The Man At The Door
I guess it was 1999 I lived in Phoenix, AZ at the time, in my own apartment. With my son who was 9 I was waiting for a friend to come over. When I heard the knock on my door it was about 2 AM and I expected it to be my friend, so I went to the door and was going to open it but decided to look through the peephole first. upon doing this it appeared to be the friend I was expecting but he hadn't turned around yet, when he did turn around to face the door I got this feeling of dread that took over my entire being, and I couldn't really move I just stared at him through the hole feeling more scared then I've ever felt in my life. I thought to myself this isn't my friend and I've got to do something.
After that I turned around and everything was as if it was happening in very slow motion and when I turned around my whole apt was pitch black and I couldn't see an inch in front of me I couldn't see a thing. Although I felt like I was in a spotlight too like something was staring at me very closely. As I attempted to try and reach out to touch my chair or anything familiar in my apartment it was as if I couldn't reach anything that was in my apartment. I took a few steps reaching out into the air clawing to find a chair, my bookshelves, or anything familiar so I could make my way into the darkness to some kind of familiar area in my apartment.
It took me a bit but I managed to find my living room chair in the dark and slowly eased myself into the chair scared to death the whole time I was cold and sweating at the same time but didn't feel cold or hot or ill. I wasn’t under the influence of alcohol or anything else, so as my eyesight slowly returned I ran to the window to see if my friends’ truck was there in parking lot and it was not. I ran back to door and quietly peered through the peak hole and nobody was out there. Still I didn't feel brave enough to answer the door, or even open it for that matter. I went through the house I turned every light in my house on. I phoned my friend and kept getting a recording said number was disconnected which I thought very odd it was on earlier that night. Later, I tried again and reached him when I asked him if that was him knocking on my door he said no sorry it wasn't me. It never happened again. I'll never forget that night as long as I live.