The Little Ghost Girl At Point Lookout State Park
My story is from Point Lookout state park.  Point lookout lighthouse is one of the most haunted in the country and is the site of a civil war hospital and prison camp that has a very bad history with lots of death and misery.  I was probably six or seven, my mom and I went to the park and she took me to the playground while she sat on a bench and read a book.  It was still somewhat early in the day and it was quite cold out, so we had been the only people there and there were no cars in the parking lot other than my mom’s van.  The playground was set up with a metal slide that faced two sets of swings and the ladder to get to the top of the slide faced the woods about 20 feet away.  I got to the top of the slide and stood at the top looking towards the swings about 50 feet away when a large gust of wind came and blew everything all around and caused a loud commotion in the trees, so I turned around and looked back to them for a second.  When I turned back around there was a young girl about the same age as me with blonde hair on the swings, in full swing like she had been there a while.  Just then another large gust of wind came and blew all the trees around, I looked again at the trees and turned back to the slide and the girl was gone and the swing was completely still.  I went down the slide and went over to my mom and asked if she had seen where the girl on the swing went, and she said there was no girl and that no one else had come into the playground and the lot was still empty.  I have never seen the blonde-haired girl again at the park, but I think of it every time I go there and think maybe she will show up again.