Winking Dolly

When I was 7, my 5 year old cousin came over for a play date. She always carried her doll which was almost her size and heavy as she literally dragged it everywhere. The doll had a habit of winking at us kids and my sister and I were scared of it. She left the doll in our bedroom and we went outside to play. When it was time for her to go home, we couldn’t find the doll. My mom and aunt looked in all the rooms and it was gone. My cousin went home crying. My mom went to our bedroom afterwards to get a sweater for my sister and there on the bunk bed was the doll sitting on the top bunk. Now this doll was heavy and we couldn’t carry it to the top bunk. When my mom saw the doll - it winked at her. My sister and I were outside the entire time and could not possibly have put the doll there. It was just too big. My mother said years later that it freaked her out. 

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