The Lady On Cemetery Road

One of my childhood stories. I grew up in Buxton Maine on cemetery road, so growing up me and my brothers used to play in the cemetery.  Riding our 4 wheelers and dirt bikes through it. Well, one day, every and my brother Brandon were riding through on 4-wheelers and all of sudden in the middle of the cemetery my brothers just stopped working. Just boom, no more life from it. Well, I parked mine next to his and as I approached his I noticed that it got dark all of a sudden, or at least that's how it appeared to me. On top of that, it got cold,  and this was in the middle of July. I froze because I felt something watching me, I slowly turned and I could hear Brandon breathing heavily, almost whimpering behind me. What I saw when I turned is etched into my mind forever. It was an old woman dressed in black mourning, but she did not look like any old lady I ahem ever seen before. Deep, blue eyes that looked almost frozen, and she was very scary looking. Once she saw we noticed her she waved and I swear she just disappeared. We got my brother's ride fixed and rushed home as fast as possible. Never saw her again after that.