The Grinning Lady In The Mirror
I was around the age of 14-15 when this really creepy thing happened. Note I am a person who genuinely loves horror and paranormal things. But this creeped me out so much I am getting chills just typing this. Anyways, it was around probably 8 pm, and my grandma, mom, and I were about to get ready to watch some ghost stories series. The way my mom had the bed at the time you could see into the bathroom to your left and then the closet to the right then the tv right in front of you on a tall dresser. My mom's bathroom had multiple giant mirrors above the sink and above and around the bathtub. My mom also had just gotten this ugly tiny mirror from a garage sale and it had an odd shelf/trim that leads to the center of the mirror from the bottom right corner. She had put the mirror at the bottom of the closet and you could clearly see underneath along with the trim of the bed. I had been sitting in the center of the bed waiting for my mom and grandma to come back to the room to begin binge-watching. As I was waiting I first looked at the mirrors in the bathroom, then at the ugly mirror in the closet, and then back to the bathroom and then again at the ugly mirror in my mom's closet. That last look at the ugly mirror it was as if time had frozen. What I had seen I cannot make up was a woman with her arms arch-like as if she was going to crawl out in all fours. At first, her face was neutral, and then she began to grin at me. I was soooo terrified I had never screamed so loud in my life. She then quickly turned around and crawled further beneath the bed. After that, I jumped off the bed and ran out of the room. I began to tell my mom and grandma what had happened and that I was NEVER going in my mom's room by myself nor will I EVER stay in that room by myself. That night we watched the ghost story series out in the living room and to this day I will not step in that room by my lonesome nor will I be in there by myself.