Victorian Haunted Picture

The house I lived in is completely haunted, both my mother and I are convinced. I was raised there and remember so many strange things. 
I reached out to my mom to get more information from when I was younger. 
The house is around 175 years old now and I no longer live there. From day one my mom felt unsettled with the place. She constantly heard running from the second floor and doors slamming shut. This is unexplained due to her being home alone with 2 babies at the time. 
My earliest memories I want to place around 4 or 5 years old because I recall that painting so vividly. 3 porcelain women that looked almost like dolls in Victorian or colonial styles clothing. Around age 10 I put it in the attic when I could restyle my room. 
When I was 5 years old my mom and dad were home alone while my siblings and I stayed at our grandparents for the weekend. My mom tells me to this day how much she hates this night. My parents were in bed watching tv when they heard running upstairs, above their room. My father instinctively yelled for us, his kids, to go to bed. My mom told him to get his gun because we weren't home. They searched the house top to bottom and found no one. So, they went back to bed. The running continued but now they didn't know what to do. Not many places a person can hide in our small house. My mom told me that the running stopped right above their bed and they heard what sounded like someone jumping slowly in that one spot. My dad bolted up the stairs into my room and no one was there, all while my mom stayed in bed, the jumping never stopped. 
Most activities seemed to stem out of my room. It was at the top of the stairs with a connecting door to the attic. That alone bothered me as a child because the attic was long and narrow, no light at the end so it descended into darkness. The painting of the 3 dolls hung above my bed and it always felt like their eyes were staring at you, following you around the room. 
One night I was laying down when the large wardrobe across the room started to open. The side doors slowly creaked all the way open. Now it takes a decent amount of strength to open these doors. They have magnetic locks at the top and one of those latches that snap the door in to prevent it from opening. As a 5-year-old I struggled with these doors so for them to open so easily on their own was not normal. 
I do not recall much from my young childhood but as a teen, I honestly believe things started to get worse. My sister and I are convinced it is because of this painting. I don't have proof of this but it's our theory.
My sister and I were tasked with cleaning out the attic during one of my mom's Spring-Cleaning kicks and that's when I came across the painting again since I was 10. I was about 15 at the time when my sister and I decided to put it in a box and push it all the way into the back of the attic, guided by flashlights and our fear. My sister dropped the box and the glass framing shattered. We didn't clean it up and throw it away, we just put it all back into the box and tossed it into the back. About a week later my sister and I were home alone when we heard knocking at our front door. I went to answer it, but no one was there. Then it sounded like someone was knocking on one of the upstairs doors. I told my sister to ignore it because at this point not only was I scared to know what it was trying to do, I didn't want to find out. We sat back down on the couch and eventually the knocking stopped upstairs. Then we heard it on our parent’s door, down the hall from where we were.  After that, it moved to the bathroom door closer to the living room. The final straw was the knocking on the window behind the couch we were sitting on. We left the house and went to our neighbors until someone else got home. My sister and I are the only females in the house at this time because our parents divorced. My brothers never really experienced anything, and my dad was in denial. After that, we would constantly hear small things during the day. Doors shutting, stomping upstairs and things falling off shelves. My brothers would see and hear these things and explain them away until one time all four of us kids were home. 
Saturday night just hanging out while dad was at work. My sister and I were in my room when my older brother came in asking what pizza we wanted to order. We all heard something come crashing down below us. When we ran downstairs we saw the entire dish hutch had fallen onto our dining table. After it being there for almost 20 years my brother tried to explain that it must have fallen on its own. Cleaned up the mess and went on our way. That's when we heard footsteps upstairs. All 4 of us were in the Livingroom. My brothers in denial ran upstairs and told us nothing was there, claiming we were pulling a terrible prank. They tried looking for evidence of us messing with them and as my older brother started down the hallway upstairs he freaked out and ran back to the Livingroom telling us to call 911 because someone broke into our house. He was on his way to my sister's room when he saw a figure/shadow run across the door threshold and slam her door shut. There was no evidence of a break-in. Our doors and windows were locked, and the cops told my brother not to waste their time. 
My sister and my younger brother still live there with my dad and she tells me about events almost every week when we talk. Whatever it is I do think the house is haunted, but I also believe the painting to be haunted. The painting makes me uncomfortable because the women almost look realistic, but they also look like porcelain dolls. They seem angry in their facial features too. I don't know and have never seen anything like it. It's a gold-framed piece with three Victorian women posing in the center. 
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