Former Resident

My first story is from the early 90s when I lived in a two bedroom apartment above an old picture frame shop where my mother worked.  It had been converted from a farmhouse to a motorcycle dealership, restaurant and then the frame shop.  We didn't have a lot of money at the time so my mom rented out the second bedroom to her friend Jennifer, which meant my brother and I had to sleep on the floor of the living room.  The only way to enter the apartment was to go up a flight of stairs and through the kitchen then to the dining/living room.  You could see light through the window on the entry door from a streetlamp that lit up the kitchen.  My brother and I would sleep on egg crate foam in the living room with a view of the kitchen doorway.  Many times I would wake up in the middle of the night to a shadow figure standing in the doorway of the kitchen silhouetted by the streetlamp. The figure had what looked like a hat and would make the motions of taking a drag from a cigarette, but I would never smell the smoke or see the cherry from the cigarette. The figure would wander into the kitchen and come back to the doorway to lean against it then disappear. I would lay there unable to move because I had no idea was going on and I could feel it looking at me.  It happened many times until my mothers friend moved out and we got our own room.  The place was still very creepy and I still have dreams about the place as it was before we moved out.  It has been torn down since and now is just an empty lot on a busy road.