The Christmas Package
It was 2005 I lived in Alaska at this time I just moved into a new house. Christmas was just a few days away. I received a package for a miss Betty forgot the last name, so I will call her miss Brown. Taking a chance on finding this person I hoped they only moved across town. So, I got out the phone book and lucky for me I found that name. I called and got an elderly lady. She was very pleasant. We talked about Xmas, and the cold weather. She said she had to leave her house a few years ago which was my house now. She moved to a well-known senior housing area because she couldn't keep up a home no more cause of her age and health. I told her I would drop her package off to her. Strangely she didn't seem interested in her package. Anyways I found the apartments and went inside and asked for directions to Betty's apartment. The woman said oh no are you a relative? I said no.... She said Betty passed away just recently a week or so ago and they were expecting relatives to finish cleaning her place!! I knew why now she wasn’t interested in material things. I'm sure she was having an amazing Christmas elsewhere!!
-Brandee Osborne