Best Friend Visit
This is one I will never forget. It changed how I see things and made me who I am today.
When I was about seven, one of my older sister's best friends was in a really bad accident and was flung from the car he was in. He was DOA. We lived in an apartment with a long wooden staircase. About a week later (just before or after the funeral I can’t remember that part) I could hear someone walking up the stairs to our apartment and they weren’t being quiet about it, the person knocked on our door and since my Mom was in the bathroom I answered it. There were two guys standing there and one of them said “Hi, my name is Justin, I was wondering if your sister Val is home.” I told him no and that she was at work and would be home later if he wanted to come back. He told me no and asked me to tell her if I would let her know not to worry anymore because he was just fine. We said goodbye and went our separate ways. I told my Mom and she didn’t believe me what so ever. My sister came home and my mom told her what had happened and she showed me a picture of Justin and I told her that was the guy that showed up. (I had never met him before this happened) My Mom and sister looked at me in total shock and said that it couldn’t have been right because he was dead. A few days later my mom revived a call from a psychic/medium ( a lady that knew my grandmother) and she told my mom that what I had seen was true and I wasn’t making up and that she should listen to me when I talk to her about seeing and talking to people who have past away. My mom thought that my grandma had called her and talked to her but she assured my mother that she didn’t. Ever since then I have seen things most haven’t seen and my Mom never doubted it again.