Ghostly Cat Visit

I was about 17, living in an old farmhouse. My twin sister and I had bedrooms upstairs. Once you went up the stairs to the left was her room, then a bathroom, and then there was my room. I should state, that we both had a cat. my sister had a short hair, grey cat, and I had a large long-haired tabby.
Well, one night, I was walking from my room, heading to my sisters, and you pass the bathroom, on the way. Well, as I am walking past the bathroom, ( the lights are off, in the bathroom) but I see a cat, walking on the counter. The cat was short-haired. I start to say as I am walking into my sister's room “ Kendra, you need to teach your cat, to not walk on the counter”. When I reach her room, I froze. Low and behold, both our cats are on her bed. I stop and take a step back, and look in the bathroom. No cat ..... that was one of the first times, I remember seeing things, that I can’t explain...... a short time later, I found out my previous cat, had died. I thought she ran away. My old cat was a short hair, who always walked on the bathroom counter.