The Missing Souls
A year ago, me and my father moved to a small village. We moved because my mom recently died and we couldn't afford our old home. The town was small enough for people to spread gossip and stories without misunderstandings. I went to school and everything seemed fine. Except when small noises started. It was usually during the night. They were small laughs of children. I heard three different laughs. One was deep and cracky like a child going through puberty. Another one was high like a small child. Probably in between ages 5 -8. The last one was not human but still sounded like a child. It was slowed down sometimes but other times it went by in a second. It still sounded like a child through high pitch ad sweet. Then I heard the story of the Missing Souls. There two kids Tyler and Penelope. Tyler was the older brother and was 12. Penelope was 7 and an adventurous girl. Their parents told them to go outside and play. This village I am now living in is surrounded by mountains and woods. They went into the woods and along the way met a boy called Samuel. Samuel covered his face with a black cap. Then they went into an old burger joint. The names people told me about the burger joint change and are so different but the most reliable name was Lisa's Burger and Fries. The night got dark and then they were covered by fog. The siblings tried leaving but they couldn't each time they went through the fog they ended in the same place. So, they decided to spend the night there. They heard noises of people talking to them. The voices said, "Stay here, stay here". The next day when they woke up and tried again. They couldn't but they did notice something the puppets were not there. Lisa's Burger and Fries had two mascots. A giant red squirrel name Ian and a purple squirrel, Rein. The restaurant had puppets of both that the employees had to use to greet children. When they first got there, the puppets were on the counters but now they were gone and in their place was an envelope. The kids stayed there for thirteen days. The puppets moved to different locations like once in to the kitchen from the back room. They always tried to escape to through the fog. Every time the fog blocked everything. They also tried to go to the backdoor and then escape through that fog. They also were blocked. They ate fries and burgers that came from the refrigerator. Somehow, they weren't rotten even though it looked like the restaurant was closed for at least a decade. Every time they woke up, they went to check the last place the puppets were because they would always leave a word written on paper in an envelope. By the thirteenth morning, the kids were looking worse. Tyler's voice sounded dry like a desert because of the low amount of water he drank in the past days. Penelope's voice looked as pale as snow. While Samuel didn't talk or show his face it still showed that his skin was pale like Penelope's. Tyler and Penelope often talked about how Samuel didn't talk or how rude he was. Samuel didn't answer their questions or practically seemed like he cared about their situation. At night the kids couldn't sleep. Then a green light appeared. The puppets the came to outside of the green light. They yelled, "Stay with us, stay with us." Then well nobody knows what happened after that everybody has different versions of it but this is the main ending. The puppets continued to sing. Samuel was lifted into the air and then his cap was blown away and then Penelope and Tyler saw his face full of scars. Then a flash of green light appeared and the puppets took over Tyler and Penelope's body while they thought Samuel was too broken both mentally and physically so they just left the body rotting in the forest. Again, I don't believe in this story but I could not do a lot of research so all I know is this story. Some people do say that they saw Samuel's body in the forest but if that was true then why isn't his tomb and body in the town cemetery. Maybe because it's this silly rumor that if you touch the body you become possessed by Samuel's spirit. But why would adults believe that?
-Alexa M. Rangel