Grandad's Return

On the 7th of February 2017, my best friend, my grandad sadly passed away. He had many lung conditions and also only had 1 and a bit of lung due to cancer. I sat in the hospital since 2 pm and he sadly passed at half 6. It was a privilege to spend the last few hours with him and that day remains in my head forever I will never forget. After he passed I sat with him for a while the tears fell but I didn't even feel myself crying I felt numb. I told my nan I was going to go home I just wanted to go home I didn't see a point in being there when he had already passed. So my mum's then-husband took me home. I got home and had a cry on my own then at half 8 I got into bed with my little boy he was only 18 months old. We were just lying in bed and I hadn't told him my grandad had gone as he was only a baby he wouldn't understand even tho the Friday before he had seen my grandad (he was the last great-grandchild to see him) we were lying in bed then my son sat bolt upright looked at the wall behind us and said, night grandad. I know that night my grandad came to say goodbye to him.