The Haunted Yard Sale Dolls

The little doll had a spirit attached to it. We had a paranormal team come & take it to a Museum with other haunted artifacts local to us. We found them at a yard sale. They were both missing the same side leg. The owners and I joked about the dolls being haunted and we bought them both for $5. When we got in the car to leave the yard sale we found the dolls, it started to hail with the sun shining! We ended up going out to eat because there was no way we could shop the yard sales in the rain. After we got done eating about an hour later, we went to another yard sale a block away from where we got the dolls from. Everything was dry and nothing was out of place. I asked the lady how did she keep her stuff dry when that hail had come through and she didn't know what I was talking about! If my fiance wasn't with me I don't know if I would have believed myself, that night my fiance had a really bad dream about the smaller doll and it was telling him to kill me! He woke up and thought he actually hurt me. I found some paranormal experts and they immediately knew it was the little doll! My friend showed her mom the picture of the doll. Her mom wanted to come to see it before the paranormal team took it. When they got to my apartment she went to hold the doll but immediately sat it back down because the energy was so overwhelming. I asked her if I should try to hold it because it was my doll. She said sure. I picked it up and as soon as I did I felt this sensation like a high almost start to come in through my feet and slowly inch its way up my body. When it got to my neck I started choking and sobbing uncontrollably! Everyone yelled at me to put it down! I put it down and the feeling went much faster back down out through my feet the same way it came in! (My aunt almost died when she was in a car wreck and could feel her soul leaving through her feet) whatever it was tried entering my body for sure! We all wanted to go outside to get some fresh air after that! We walked outside between the apartment buildings and on the deck behind me all of a sudden there were five huge crows behind me on the balcony screeching at me like they wanted to attack us. Well, my friend and her mom went home afterward. They were a bit spooked out. I don't blame them, anyways the paranormal team came by. The air is so heavy when you walk into my apartment, you can literally feel the energy. They start blessing the dolls and house and the neighbor's dog is howling the whole time! Which it never does! The lady carried a white stone to keep her grounded and protected and she started freaking out because the stone turned hot! The energy level was 3.5 out of 10. It was all so crazy. I'm so glad I have so many witnesses. If you look in the picture of just the one doll if you zoom in to its right (you're left) eye you can see the outline of a little boy's face! I didn't even notice that until this past year when someone pointed it out to me!! Several people told me it was the spirit of a little boy.