Fairy Run Camping Trip

I don't know what Americans do but where I'm from, on the weekend closest to May 24th, we take the Monday as a holiday in celebration of Queen Victoria's birthday (May 18th). It's a really big deal like we have songs about it and everything.
Anyway, for the May 24th weekend in 2019, my friends and I decided to go camping. We scoured the surrounding woods of our town for a decent place to camp and we settled on a little flat corner of a field at the bottom of a hill. The field is called "Kennedy's Plains", basically an old homestead where the Kennedy family once lived. The only thing is though, Kennedy's Plains is situated right smack in the middle of the area outside a town called "Fairy Run".
Now nobody knew we were in Fairy Run, and I never told anyone until after. That's when the stories started to flood in.
To add a little context to this, I'm gonna use names in place of my friends (Don't wanna use their real names) There was: Sam, Zeke, Bren, Dick, Brad, Chris, Len, and myself.
The camping trip started out pretty normal. We drove up on ATVs, with trailers in tow, full of gear. We set up 3 tents. Bren and Dick's were on the far left; Sam, Zeke, and I had ours in the middle; and Brad, Chris, and Len had the biggest tent to the right. We got a nice fire going and started cooking up some food.
Zeke, Brad, Chris, and Len hopped on their ATVs and drove off to the other side of town where all the popular girls were camping to hang out for a bit, leaving Sam, Bren, Dick, and myself. The fire was going well and we had a lovely feed of boiled mussels! Nothing strange happened at that moment.
Around 11:00 PM Zeke, Brad, and Chris came back, laughing and chatting about the time they had. Len stayed back. Len came back around 11:45 PM. He was frightened when he came back, he said that just before he reached the field, a big figure darted out into the path before him and ran off into the trees. He said it was really fast so it couldn't have been a moose. We passed it off as paranoia and dumped a 2L of Pepsi on the fire. I settled in for some sleep.
It was a pretty bad sleep, the ground was hard and a little uneven. Zeke and I woke at about 5:00 AM to go to the restroom and both decided to head down to Pike's Pond for a little bit of fishing. We made it to the pond and fished for 45 minutes and decided to head back, empty-handed. We got back and started the fire back up and cooked breakfast for the crowd. After that, we all decided to head down to Pike's Pond to fish and relax.
A narrow woods path was all we had to take to get down there but made it down fine. One after another we got bored and decided to head back to camp. I left first and alone but made it back fine. Sam, Zeke, and Brad came back together. I thought they made it back fine but they had something strange to say.
They told me that they felt like they were lost and everything was unfamiliar. They thought they were walking in circles and said that they had been lost for almost an hour (Impossible because it's only a 10-minute walk).
Anyway, we packed up and left around noon. Of course, as irresponsible teenagers, we left a massive amount of garbage on the ground and Dick even left his tent!
The rest of this story continues two weeks later at Brad's shed. He had a huge crowd over of like 15 people (small shed too). We started telling spooky stories, and that's when I brought up Fairy Run. Brad's jaw dropped. He then started to talk about the night we were camping, he had a very strange experience.
Brad woke up sometime in the night along with Chris. They heard a strange noise and a minute later a hand pressed in on the side of their tent. The hand then made a streak and ran across the side of the tent, left to right. This should have been impossible, there was a massive tree behind their tent. The two got scared and told whoever it was to creep off. Chris went back to sleep but Brad couldn't. A little while later Brad said he heard what sounded like the fire, starting to roar. This was impossible, we put the fire out before we went to sleep! He then said the fire sounded like it started to get louder and move towards their tent. At which point, he said the fire started to circle the tent rapidly but eventually went away. Brad tried to sleep and dosed off.
Brad woke up another while later to the sound of footsteps outside his tent. Now, my ATV was parked to the right side of his tent so he thought it was me. Brad called out my name, but instead, a woman replied "Yes?". He froze, there were no women with us, the nearest house was about a kilometer away, who was come out there just to say one word?
After he told us this, Brad said he will never go back there, he's too scared and I don't blame him.
Bren also told us that he returned to that spot a day after to go clean up the garbage we left behind, including the tent. However, there was no sign that we were ever there. He even took a picture as proof. The rest of the guys also testified that they felt like they were being watched the whole time.
I hope you enjoyed this. Sorry, it's a little long but I'm a sucker for detail. 
The first photo is a Google Earth image of a rough estimation of Fairy Run where all the activity takes place.
Second photo is our campsite on May 24th weekend, taken at 6:36 PM May 17, 2019. People in the photo L-R is, Zeke, Chris, Bren, Dick, Brad, and Sam. It is the crowd standing around while Dick and Bren set up their tent. Len hadn't shown up yet.
The third photo is a fancy shot of the sunset on top of the hill in Kennedy's Plains that I did up for Instagram, taken at 7:17 PM on May 17, 2019.
The fourth photo is of Zeke sitting on a rock in Pike's Pond while we were fishing in the early morning hours, taken at 5:53 AM on May 18, 2019.