When I was a little girl I was very sick from my heart and I couldn't play with other kids my age, I made up a friend to play with or I thought I did... Her name was Sabrina and I don't remember a whole lot, but I remember one time I saw her because I asked if she could hand me a doll and I saw this little ghost girl with a white dress she looked like she was from the early 1900s and she smiled at me. As time went on I would tell my grandmother to also serve food to Sabrina every time we ate together. My grandmother really believed me and would always make a plate for Sabrina. I don't remember when I stopped playing with her, but I was always happy and calm with her presence she never made me feel like I was alone in this world. Sabrina was the very first ghost I saw, and I'll never forget her loving spirit when I really needed a friend during a difficult time in my life.