Ghosts Are Real

I was lying on the indoor hammock, playing games on my phone, then suddenly something or energy flows through me to make me go up and approach the door, I did, I opened that door and there was a kid. I was home alone and everything was safely locked, but then there's that kid. I was super clueless and I asked him what does he want. Who can manage to enter our home when everything is locked? He says nothing for about 20 seconds and just told me that there was a man upstairs and he started running up there and when he reached the mid stairs he turned into air. I was so shocked I lay down on the couch for a bit. I suspect he is about 8 years old or 10. but he was just a kid. after having my mind woozy, I go upstairs and there was no one there. I assume they were having fun and probably playing hide n seek. I suspected maybe he wants me to join in with them. Note that this happened to me last 4 years ago. I still couldn't forget that incident. Ghosts are indeed real.
I am also quite proud of myself for being clueless at that time since I have the courage to talk to him and he talks back. His comeback is out of my question but it is very rare maybe he does not understand me or just doesn't care.
My speculation is that maybe that kid died without knowing how. Perhaps he continued to live as a ghost. The moment I opened that door where he's at maybe he's surprised to find me to be able to see him. Either both of us are surprised to see each other, living or someone dead. The moment I saw him he looks so natural, like a real kid. My mind changed about his existence when he turned to air while he was running.
He seemed to be a very kind kid and very cheerful, nothing terrifying really except me realizing he was a ghost after 15mins later.
B. Fleures