She Wants Her Bed!
Mom told me this happened when I was a baby: we just moved into an apartment in south Louisiana. My dad wasn't home, he drove trucks. So, my mom put me to bed with her. Mom said she woke up to a scent of flowers. She sat up and saw an old lady in a night gown, all white, standing at the foot of her bed, just looking at us. (Mom has always been able to see things.) Mom immediately gets up, with me and goes to sleep on the couch. This was a furnished apt. The next morning, she talks to the landlord. She asked the landlord, “Who died in that apartment”? The landlord was shocked! She asked mom how she knew! Mom told her, "because, the old lady came to visit me last night and she wants her bed back!" The landlord confirmed that an elderly woman had passed away in the bed a few weeks prior to us moving in!
-Tammy Chalene