Psychic Boy

So, I recently nannied for a family with four kids for about five years, and over the five years, the second-born boy was three at the time and would say he sees ghosts and told story's all the time but I didn't make a big deal about it. Well, one day we were on our way to storytime at the library (every Tues. With the same librarian) and he from the back seat says " Miss. Cassie won't be there today." I said, "sure she will she's there every Tuesday for storytime." He says "nope she won't be." so we get there and mingle with some of the other kids and line up for storytime and a different librarian comes up to let us in and says " I'm sorry to say this but Miss. Cassie won't be here today her grandmother passed away." 😮 my heart skipped a beat! I was freaking out! After that day I never doubted him again with the stories he told me.